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Fabrication Shop Floor Inspector

This employee is responsible and accountable for all requirements and duties listed in this position description as follows but not limited to: 


Fabrication Shop Floor Inspector that ensures all Parfab, industry and client quality requirements are adhered to on the products that we produce. Preforms in process inspections of fabricated items and communicates any issues with shop management, Project Managers and/or customer as required.


  • Adhere to Parfab and industry safety requirements and ensure that co-workers are following them as well.
  • Work with fabricators, management and customer to resolve any quality issues that arise in a professional manner.
  • Effectively communicate verbally and/or through written skills with those involved with resolving an issue.
  • Perform in process inspections, both visual and NDE, as required.
  • Assist with gathering documents required and assembly of final data books.
  • Ensure that industry codes and standards, Parfab and client quality requirements are adhered to on each job.


  • Be able to interpret drawings and technical specifications and apply quality requirements to them to ensure a high quality product.
  • Have a good working knowledge of ASME, NBIC, API, AWS codes.
  • Be able to work in a manufacturing environment (be able to stand for up to 10 hours per day, work at elevated and tight locations, lift 50 lbs., and work in noisy areas).
  • Have fabrication experience or training in an ASME code shop and have experience working in a quality role with multiple NDE methods. 

Company Benefits: 

  • Medical insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • 401(k)

Parfab Industries: Inola Facility

Convection Modules, Direct Fired Heaters, HRSG Units, Economizers, Package Boilers, Steam Methane Reformers, Refractory Lined Components, Coil Fabrication, Piping, Structural Steel, Industrial Coatings, Hydrotesting, and NDE.

Our welding processes include GMAW, FCAW, SMAW, SAW, and GTAW throughout our facilities with ASME "S" and "U" stamps, NBIC "R" stamp, CWB W47.1 and other quality certifications.
Parfab has full time inspectors in every department certified in accordance with SNT-TC-1A that perform the daily tasks of checking material prep, layouts, fit-ups, final welding, paint, refractory, and all required Nondestructive Examinations (NDE).


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