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Semiconductor Capital Project

Semiconductor Capital Project

ParFab received a call from a semiconductor client that was behind schedule on their capital project and in need of qualified personnel quickly. Within 5 days ParFab’s leadership team was onsite meeting with the client to determine how we could support. It was determined that the initial need was duct work installation. We were able to begin mobilizing personnel onsite within 15 days of the initial meeting.

Client Background

Semiconductor capital project was behind schedule and in need of a contractor as soon as possible to get their project back on schedule.

Project Details

Due to the success resulting from efficiencies and the quality of supporting the initial ductwork scope, ParFab received a request to further support the project. The subsequent scope awarded to us involved piping installation. This led us to support multiple scopes (project management) and extended our presence on the project until the end of 2023.

  • Start Date: 10-12-2022
  • Completion Date: 12-16-2023


In September 2022, ParFab received a call from the client stating that they needed a contractor to install ductwork. We mobilized in October 2022 with a crew of 47, prepared to safely install the duct. The installation was completed successfully with 15,210 feet of ductwork.

Due to our efficiency in installing the ductwork, we were asked to bid on one of their systems, as well as vertical riser piping. Subsequently, we were requested to support the site's water piping on phase 2.

Our team installed a total of 15,210 feet of ductwork, consisting of 6,820 feet of horizontal duct and 8,390 feet of vertical duct, ranging in sizes from 10 inches to 66 inches, totaling 3,084 spools of duct.

Additionally, 17,050 feet of carbon steel piping was installed, ranging in sizes from ¼ inch to 30 inches, totaling 8,643 welds. Furthermore, 2,208 feet of stainless steel piping was installed, ranging in sizes from ¾ inch to 6 inches, totaling 394 welds.

In addition to the piping, 3 tanks, 3 heat exchangers, and over 1,545 devices, including valves, strainers, pumps, flow devices, temperature and pressure meters were also installed.

Due to our performance, ParFab is recognized as a top contractor for this site and will continue to seek opportunities to support this client for years to come.


Initially, the ParFab team had 19 boilermakers, 11 pipe fitters, and 4 welders. By mid-December, we had grown to 85 crew members. At its peak, we had a total of 142 crew members on-site between the day and night shifts.

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