ParFab Announces New Vice President of Safety, Health & Environmental

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

ParFab is pleased to announce the hiring of Mike Blundell as the company’s new Vice

President of Safety, Health and Environmental. Mike most recently served as ParFab’s HF Alky and Safety Consultant, where he played an integral role in establishing the policies and procedures for its alky unit services. Prior to that, he worked for a general mechanical contractor for 24 years, where his most recent role was that of Senior Vice President for Safety and Support Services.

In his new role at ParFab, he will begin with an immediate focus on improvement of ParFab’s already strong safety process. His unique take on

the industry is led by the belief that all accidents can be avoided. “Safety is more than a set of rules and procedures, it is our way of life and the foundation of our business success”, states Mike.

The rapid growth within ParFab carried heavy weight, as well as an inspiring incentive, in his decision to take on the challenge of the company’s new vice president of safety. The expanding company coupled with the trying pandemic period we are all living with will allow him to put his stamp on safety and risk management at ParFab.

“Mike has the expertise and personal skills to take our company to a new level of success when it comes to things like safety and situational awareness”, said Frank Wolfe, COO of ParFab. “And he wants everyone – from directors to field personnel to be committed and be engaged in the success of our never-yielding safety process”.

“My goal is to integrate safety into the fabric of what we do every day,” said Mike.

Mike hails from Austin, Texas and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in occupational safety and health from Southwest University in Kenner, Louisiana.

download copy of press release below.

2020-08 Press Release_Mike Blundell_VP o
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2020-08 Press Release_Mike Blundell_VP o
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