Maintaining excellence on every project.


Parfab has full time inspectors in every department certified in accordance with SNT-TC-1A that perform the daily tasks of checking material prep, layouts, fit-ups, final welding, paint, refractory, and all required NDE's. Periodic audits from the State, National Board, and the Canadian Welding Bureau are performed to insure our Quality Program is followed.

A wide assortment of procedures are qualified. Special processes are available as well. All coil welding procedures are qualified as per ASME Sect IX. All structural procedures are qualified by AWS or CWB as required.

  • ASME “U”, “S”, “R”, “NB” Registration & Power Piping Capabilities

  • ASME B31.1 and ASME B31.3 (Power & Process Piping)

  • AWS (American Welding Society) Structural Steel Welding Codes

  • API (American Petroleum Institute) API 1104, API 560, API 582

  • API 936 for Installation & Inspection of Refractory Insulation

  • CSA Standard W4.1


  • ParFab has Document Control personnel that insures all documents (current and obsolete) are controlled and archived. A Document/Drawing Control System software is utilized to manage these documents easily and efficiently.

  • Fabrication drawings are issued and logged to recipients. The latest revision drawings are issued promptly to stay up-to-date with customer changes.

  • Customer specifications are carefully controlled and issued to our management team for review.

  • Our Document Control handles all procedure submittals, which are then logged and archived for future reference.

  • Material Test Reports (MTR's) are checked for conformance to the applicable codes and standards for all received materials (free-issued and purchased).

  • Material inventory is kept up-to-date via a receiving/inspection report, which is generated by the Quality Control Department upon receiving each shipment.

  • Final Data Packages are compiled upon job completion and are then sent to the customer and archived locally.