Ensuring that every job will be focused around safety


ParFab has ingrained in our team a strong safety culture. The safety of our employees and our clients is of the upmost importance on any job and in any situation. From the fabrication shop to the customers job site, we will ensure that every job ParFab performs will be focused around safety. When it comes to safety ParFab is determined to always meet or exceed industry standards and client expectations.



Our safety culture consists of shared beliefs, practices and attitudes that ALL incidents and accidents can be avoided.  It is embraced at all levels of the organization without exception or compromise.

ParFab HSE Commitments:

  • Visible commitment from leadership throughout

  • Provide safety training at all levels in our organization is vital to the ongoing success of ParFab safety programs. Continued Education is the key to a successful workforce

  • Employees are empowered with resources and authority to fix problems as they find them

  • High standard for accurate and detailed reporting of injuries and illnesses

  • Opportunities for improvements are identified and resolved proactively

  • Clear expectations of Safety Culture communicated to all employees

  • Regular, detailed external audits of our HSE programs

  • JSA 

  • ParFab 6

  • Pre-Job Safety Assessments 

  • Incident Investigation Process (Tap Root) 

  • Safety Committee’s 

  • Daily Tool Box Meetings 

  • Annual Safety Assessments 

  • Third Party Safety Assessments (ISNet, PICS, PEC) 

  • Avetta

  • ISNetworld 

  • PICS 

  • PEC Premier 

  • NCCER & NCCO Craft Compliance

  • AFPM Contractor Safety Award


  • Liberty Mutual Gold Award

  • Department of Labor Federally Approved Apprentice Program

  • LSB Supplier of the Year (2018)