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About Parfab Manufacturing Services

Parfab Manufacturing Services was created in 2016 as part of the expanding service offerings targeting the North American manufacturing sector.

Committed to complete satisfaction


ParFab has one main objective: To provide uncompromising safety, quality, and production on every project at a competitive price and to the complete satisfaction of our customers in order to establish repeat business for long term.

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What We Do

Mechanical Services

  • Turnkey Mechanical Services
  • Modular Skids
  • Custom Conveyors & Machinery 
  • Food process piping and installation 
  • Machine Guarding and Fabrication and installation 
  • Millwright Services
  • Process Piping
  • HVAC / Controls
  • Instrumentation / Controls
  • Equipment – Demo / Installation
  • Specialty Welding of High Alloy Materials
  • Heavy Rigging Projects
  • Code Repairs


  • All haul trucks and trailer are US D.O.T. compliant.
  • Logistics has no accidents or tickets.
  • Operate with current Electronic Log Device (ELD) per the federal Unified Carrier Registration System (UCR).
  • ParFab owns and operates a fleet of 3500 & 5500 flatbed trucks along with single and tandem axle semi trucks.
  • ParFab also operates with various sizes of “goose neck” and other specialized semi trailers. 

Capital Construction

  • Structural Steel Fabrication
  • Equipment – Setting, Assembly & Alignment
  • ASME Code Welding
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Project and Cost Controls
  • Estimating and Budgeting
  • Field Work Execution
  • Procurement

Torqueing & Bolting Equipment

ParFab’s torque & bolting equipment is “state of the art” and “cutting edge” technology for the industry.

  • Pneumatic digital RAD guns with electronic capabilities. 
  • Torque values are set from the digital pad on the end of the gun. 
  • No caddy is needed, and torque values can be downloaded with out referencing a torque chart.
  • Rechargeable electric controls.
  • Hydraulic drive “flat wrenches”
  • Universal hydraulic drive torque wrenches allow you to use multiple drive sockets with the same hydraulic cassette.
  • Hydraulic power packs, with assorted length hoses and fittings.

Tool Center

Supplies, Equipment, & Logistics

ParFab has invested in State-of-the-Art tool trailers, haul trucks, extraction equipment, bolting, torqueing, field machining, tools, & specialty welding equipment.

Four strategic warehouse and tooling locations. Inola OK, Baytown TX, Geismar La, and Greenville SC.

Written processes and procedures for all equipment, inspections, and tool care to ensure consistent handling in all locations.
Cost control process that tracks consumable and material spend in the field.

ParFab haul trucks and company logistics are US D.O.T. compliant with no accidents or tickets for over three years. Tool and equipment decontamination process

Tool Trailers

Fleet of over 50 different sizes and designs of Tool trailers, designing for tool containment, break room, and project management.

Each trailer is wired with electrical connectivity including lights, plugs, A/C and heating if needed. Field electrical connections are 230 / 460 quick disconnect plugs depending on the trailer size and equipment.

Trailer maintenance and care process includes a full checklist completed prior to a project and upon the return of trailers and equipment from a project. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Turnkey Mechanical Services
  • Millwright Services
  • Equipment - Demo & Installation
  • Heat Exchanger Services
  • Process Piping - Fabrication & Installation
  • Process Heater Erection & Revamps
  • Specialty Welding of High Alloy Metals
  • Refractory (i.e. Heaters, Boilers, & FCC)
  • Code Repairs
  • Instrumentation/ Controls
  • Structural Steel Erection & Repairs
  • Small and Large Capital Construction Projects
  • Machining and Bolting Services
  • Heavy Rigging Projects
  • Modular Skids
  • Custom Conveyors & Machinery
  • Food Process Piping & Installation
  • Machine Guarding: Fabrication & Installation

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