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System Logistics Project

Coca Cola Bottling Company System Logistics Project

ParFab completed a System Logistics project at a Coca Cola Bottling Plant started with project management and one additional employee on site. Over the next four months, a fully automated system was set up to palletize equipment, load conveyors and was able to send to different areas of manufacturing.

Client Background

System Logistics is a fully automated material handling company mostly used in the food and beverage distribution industry. It uses state of the art robotic and automated palletizing equipment to load conveyors and send to different areas of manufacturing.

Project Details

  • Project Start Date March 24, 2023
  • Project Completion Date July 31, 2023


ParFab began work for this project in December 2022. The project scope consisted of: 

  • Installation of (7) spiral conveyors
  • Installation of (7) Pallet wrappers (palletizers) with robotics
  • Installed approximately 66,000 square feet of decking
  • Installed approximately 6,076 liner feet of conveyor
  • Installed approximately 1,040 liner feet of chain conveyors
  • Installed approximately 1,200 liner feet of 40mm airline with 31 NBC air drops
  • Installed (4) hand stack station with handrails in the chain conveyor area
  • Installed (10) fork dispensers for the chain conveyors
  • Installed (9) wide beds, and (21) brake meter beds In the case conveyors area
  • Installed (269) liner feet of incline / decline conveyors
  • Installed (234) buffer lanes (HQS BEDS) and flow rails
  • Installed (200) safety gates and bumpers
  • Installed approximately 4,100 liner feet of handrail and toe guard around the structure
  • Start up with alignment and tracking of all conveyor belts were also performed.


There was a total of 12 employees used to complete the project.