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ParFab Recognized as Crew of the Week by Phillips 66

ParFab Recognized as Crew of the Week by Phillips 66 | ParFab Alky & Hazardous Services

Phillips 66 has recognized ParFab as their "Crew of the Week" in their Contractor Recognition Newsletter.

From the Phillips 66 Contractor Recognition Newsletter

ParFab is the crew of the week for their work on the DW HF Alky demolition.

They were brought onsite as a specialty contractor specifically for their capabilities and expertise on working with HF acid equipment. Their hard work and experience in HF equipment handling has been vital in preparing the unitx for demolition and safe disassembly and neutralization of potentially acid containing equipment. They have adapted well to the hazards and complexity of large scale demolition.
- Ryan Frank

Crew of the Week - ParFab - Alky Services


P66 Wood River Alky Large (1)

Project Details

HF Alky Unit Demo project for Phillips 66 in  Woodriver, IL.

Our client was in need of clearing the area and perform work on a Hydrofluoric Unit (HF). With ParFab being recognized as a leading Alky Contractor, we were awarded the project with high honor.




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