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How ParFab helps with Alkylation Turnarounds & Shutdowns

Mannequins in PPE suits stand behind an instructor durning ParFab's Alky Training demonstration.

ParFab’s expert specialty Alky and Hazardous Unit teams work efficiently, with uncompromised safety, quality and project management skills to make your next shutdown, chemical neutralization, mechanical turnarounds and start-up project a success.

Here's how we do it:

  1. Highly Qualified Team
  2. HF & SF Alky Experience
  3. Decontamination Mobile Facilities
  4. Specialty Personal Protective Equipment
  5. Alkylation Shutdown Training
  6. High Safety Standards
  7. Commitment to Quality

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Highly Qualified Team

Our highly qualified and proven management, supervision, craftsmen, and support specialist teams have unmatched industry experience in:

Learn more about phases of a turnaround project.


Crew of the Week - ParFab - Alky ServicesHF Alky Unit Demo Project for Phillips 66

ParFab named "Crew of the Week" by Phillips 66 for work on the DW HF Alky demolition.

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ParFab's HF & SF Alky Experience

ParFab's highly trained management and supervision has over 200 years of combined HF (hydrofluoric acid) and SF (sulfuric acid) alky experience. All of our craftsmen and support staff are highly qualified & experienced on HF Acid Alky and Hazardous Unit projects.

Alky Experience Title Team Size Supervised
45 years
Alky Specialist
35 years
Sr Project Mgr
17 yrs
Sr Project Mgr
30 yrs
Project Mgr
17 yrs
Project Supt
16 yrs
Project Supt
15 yrs
Project Suptr
12 yrs
Project Suptr
12 yrs
Equipment Supt
22 yrs
Project Supt


Decontamination Mobile Facilities

Mobile facilities play a crucial role in the maintenance and shutdowns of alkylation units. When these units require maintenance or shutdown planning, having a mobile facility on-site is essential for safe and efficient neutralization of the process HF.

ParFab's state-of-the-art mobile decontamination facilities, including decontamination trailers and 8 PSI blast resistant buildings, provide the necessary infrastructure for effective decontamination. These facilities are equipped with heavy-duty washers and dryers, neutralization vats, foot baths, and safety showers to ensure thorough decontamination of personnel and equipment.

All mobile decontamination facilities include:

  • Decontamination trailers
  • 8 PSI decontamination blast resistant buildings (BRB)
  • Heavy Duty Washers & Dryers
  • Neutralization vats
  • Foot baths
  • Safety Showers

Specialty Personal Protective Equipment

During an industrial alkylation shutdown, it is crucial to have the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) in place to ensure the safety of workers and the efficient completion of the shutdown. Due to its importance during such a project, ParFab offers specialty PPE such as acid suits, breathing air suits, and specialty chemical gloves to provide maximum protection for workers.

These PPE items are designed to withstand the hazardous conditions associated with alkylation units, ensuring that workers are shielded from harmful chemicals and substances.

  • Acid suits through class“D”
  • NIOSH approved breathing air suits with Double Extra-Wide Face Shields
  • Large wrap face shields and legionnaire hoods for face and neck projection
  • Specialty defined heal and sure grip sole over-boots
  • Customized locking cuff gloves for added protection
  • Specialty Chemical Gloves with Impact, Puncture, and Cut Resistance

Alkylation Shutdown Training

Additionally, ParFab offers extensive HF Alky training programs to equip field employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to work safely in these environments. With a strong emphasis on safety and environmental protection, ParFab maintains a goal zero culture and proactively addresses potential risks. By prioritizing the use of appropriate PPE and providing comprehensive training, ParFab ensures that workers are well-prepared to handle alkylation shutdowns in a safe and efficient manner.

Below are the extensive HF Alky Training Programs that ParFab offers:

  • HF Acid Alky for All Field Employees
  • Management Overview
  • Field Supervision
  • Chemical PPE; Inspection, Donning, and Doffing
  • Training for Other Contractors
  • Washroom Attendant
  • Valves; Neutralization, breakdown, and repairs
  • Class “B” Breathing Air
  • Safety Attendants; Breathing-Air, Confined Space and Hot-Work
  • Piping and Equipment Tagging and Control


ParFab Recognized for the AFPM Contractor Safety Achievement Award - AFPM Awards - ParFab SafetyAFPM Contractor Safety Award

ParFab is proud to announce that it recently received the Contractor Safety Achievement Award at the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) Annual Safety Awards.

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High Safety Standards

Alkylation shutdowns pose significant hazards, making it crucial to prioritize safety during emergency turnarounds and shutdown projects. ParFab understands the importance of maintaining a safe working environment and has implemented various measures to ensure the well-being of our team.

Our expert Alky and Hazardous Unit teams emphasize safety, quality, and project management skills to guarantee successful shutdowns, chemical neutralization, turnarounds, and start-up projects. By prioritizing safety and environmental protection in the industrial space, ParFab maintains a goal zero culture, going above and beyond to stress safety during alkylation shutdowns, making us a reliable and trusted partner in the industry.

ParFab safety and environmental standards include:

  • Safe and Accurate Goal Zero Culture with consistent and continuous safety training
  • Experienced certified health, safety and environmental professionals
  • Behavior and people based safety values
  • Pro-active, preventative environmental philosophy
  • Safety certifications and awards; ISNetworld, Avetta, PEC Premier and AFPM

Commitment to Quality

ParFab's commitment to quality is evident through our certifications and KPI tracking, ensuring leak-free start-ups and minimal weld repair rates. By utilizing mobile alkylation units, we ensure that maintenance and shutdowns are conducted efficiently, safely, and to the highest standards of quality.

Below is our quality assurance to our partners and clients:

  • ASME “U”, “S”, “R”, “NB” registration and power piping capabilities
  • CWI, NACE, ASNT NDE Field Inspectors
  • KPI Tracking
  • Equipment and flange mapping
  • Leak free start-ups
  • 2023 Weld Repair Rate at 0.35%
  • 2022 Weld Repair Rate was 0.27%

Ask about ParFab Alky & Hazardous Services

ParFab has not taken the Alkylation and Hazardous Unit business lightly but has gone to great lengths to assure our stake holders, employees, and our clients that we have the best-of-the-best; polices, procedures, equipment, management, supervision, craftsmen, and support personnel to perform all projects safely and efficiently. Combining our 200+ years of experience, we have produced a detailed HF Alky manual with over 1,000 pages of policies, procedures, training, and lessons-learned recommendations.

Man in blue personal protective equipment with a basket and a mobile decontamination facility.