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How ParFab Manages Turnarounds & Shutdowns

ParFab worker with gloves and mask doing technical mechanical work.

As the fabrication and field services leader in the refining and petrochemical space, ParFab prides itself in having a certified and highly trained team for planned and emergency turnarounds. In this blog we delve into the intricate world of industrial turnarounds and shutdowns, exploring how ParFab effectively manages these critical processes.

Turnaround & General Mechanical Solutions

In the dynamic landscape of modern industries, maintaining and optimizing equipment is a cornerstone of success, and ParFab has honed the art of orchestrating seamless turnarounds and shutdowns that minimize downtime, maximize efficiency, and elevate overall operational performance. During turnarounds, which are planned periods of equipment shutdown for maintenance and upgrades, ParFab excels in executing complex phases of a turnaround project within specified timeframes with our planning and scheduling in project management services.

In addition to turnarounds, ParFab offers a wide range of general mechanical solutions (learn more about optimizing industrial performance with mechanical turnarounds). This includes equipment installation, troubleshooting, repair, and ongoing maintenance services. Our expertise spans across diverse sectors such as refining, manufacturing, petrochemicals, power generation, and more. Our team leverages advanced technologies and industry best practices to deliver cost-effective solutions that enhance equipment performance and extend its lifespan.

We specialize in planned and emergency turnarounds, no matter the size of the project, including Alkylation Turnarounds & Shutdowns. Below are the specialties that ParFab covers.

Field Services

ParFab's field services encompass a comprehensive range of expert solutions for industrial maintenance, repairs, and optimization.

  • Exchangers, Vessels & Pressure Vessels, Tower & Drum Services
  • Unit Process Piping Fabrication & Installation
  • Heavy Rigging Projects
  • Code Repairs
  • Field Machining, Bolting & Torqueing Services
  • Convection Box Radiant Section
  • Refractory (i.e. Heaters, Boilers & FCC)
  • Emergency Field Services

On-Site Machining

ParFab specializes in on-site machining services, bringing precision engineering directly to industrial facilities for efficient repairs, specialty welding and enhancements.

  • We bring the solutions to you
  • Certified machinist to cover a full suite of machining capabilities
  • 24 hour field machining services
  • .5" - 120" diameter flanges
  • Pipe cutting
  • Fin Fan Plug machining
  • Exchanger components

Emergency Responsive Services

ParFab offers prompt Emergency Response Services, ensuring rapid and effective solutions for unforeseen industrial challenges.

  • Scenario: Customer had an emergency furnace upset and reached out to ParFab due to working relationship with both the customer and engineering firm
  • Project Scope: demo old unit, manufacture replacement unit, erect and retro-fit the new unit in place
  • Solution: ParFab had a similar furnace in house being manufactured with a long lead time, after discussing with current customer of the emergency situation ParFab retrofitted the new unit to spec for installation.
  • Time Frame: 9 Weeks - from original phone call to competition of project

Men in safety gear & hard hats working on an emergency callout | Emergency Services | ParFab

Project Controls & Management

ParFab excels in project controls and project management services, ensuring seamless coordination and execution of complex industrial projects.

  • Total Project Management & Execution Estimating
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Cost Controls
  • Subcontract Management
  • Materials Management
  • Logistics

Mechanical Tower & Vessel Services

ParFab delivers top-notch mechanical tower & vessel services, offering expertise in installation, maintenance, and repair for critical industrial components.

  • Complete Blind to Blind Services
  • Tower Revamps
  • Can Section Removal & Installation
  • ASME and NBIC Code Stamps
  • Weld Repairs for Vessel Shell & Internals
  • Staging & Logistics
  • Dressing Out Vessels
  • Trays, Packing & Internals
  • Logistics and Transporting
  • All Internal Hardware Support

Reformer Solutions

ParFab offers comprehensive reformer solutions, specializing in the optimization and maintenance of reformer units for enhanced industrial processes.

  • Primary and Secondary Reformer Relocation, Erection, & Revamps
  • Radiant Harp Removal & Installation
  • Radiant & Convection Retube
  • Fired Heater Erection & Revamp
  • Transfer Line Fabrication & Installation
  • Catalyst Tube Removal & Installation
  • Specialty Welding
  • Refractory System Installation
  • Code Repairs
  • Emergency Response

Capital Construction

ParFab provides expert capital construction services, delivering efficient and reliable construction solutions for industrial projects. Our expert team specializes in:

  • Structural Steel Fabrication
  • Equipment – Setting, Assembly & Alignment
  • ASME Code Welding
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Project and Cost Controls
  • Estimating and Budgeting
  • Field Work Execution
  • Procurement

>> ParFab Projects: Check out our capital construction project in the semiconductor space!

Heat Exchanger Services

ParFab excels in Heat Exchanger services, providing specialized maintenance and optimization for efficient heat transfer in industrial processes.

  • Code Weld Repairs for Shell & Components
  • Shell and Component Repairs
  • Exchanger Component Machining
  • Tube and Vacuum Testing

Why ParFab?

ParFab was founded in 2001, specializing in fabrication and field services for refining, power, syngas and petrochemical industries. ParFab has performed and fabricated equipment for over 35 states, as well as Europe, Venezuela, Trinidad, Egypt, Canada, Chile, Saudi Arabia and Netherlands.

ParFab specializes in providing comprehensive turnaround services and mechanical solutions to various industries. With a strong focus on safety, improving operational efficiency and equipment reliability, ParFab offers tailored solutions for maintenance, repair, and optimization of industrial processes.

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