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Specialty Welding & Turnarounds

Images from an actual ParFab turnaround project

Specialty welding and turnarounds play a crucial role in the industrial sector, especially within the realm of construction, maintenance, and repair. Let's break down each term and highlight their interrelation along with the tasks typically included within each service.

In this blog, we will cover:

  1. Specialty Welding
  2. Turnarounds
  3. Interrelation of Specialty Welding & Turnarounds

Learn about the impact of downtime, strategic planning , mitigating risk, & project transparency in ParFab's elite turnaround services.

Specialty Welding

Specialty welding refers to the process of joining materials, typically metals, using specialized techniques and equipment. It involves skilled welders who possess expertise in specific welding methods tailored to unique materials or project requirements.

Types of specialty welding include precision welding, exotic materials welding, advanced welding techniques and other customized welding solutions (3 most common types of welding).

Exotic Material Welding

Specialized welding for materials like titanium, Inconel, and other high performance alloys. Welding exotic metals requires specialized techniques due to their unique properties. TIG welding (Tungsten inert gas) and electron beam welding are commonly employed for exotic metals, ensuring precision and control over the welding process. TIG welding, in particular, is favored for its ability to produce high-quality, defect-free welds, making it suitable for applications in aerospace, defense, energy, and medical fields. MIG welding (Metal Inert Gas) seems to be the preferred process, although TIG can be used for it as well.

Precision Welding

High-precision welding is for intricate components and critical structures. The process is described by welds which are applied in a controlled fashion, joining parts within tight tolerances - typically ranging less than +/-0.2mm of the position and depth of the weld. The most precise form of welding is TIG welding, offering the welder control to adapt the amperage and gas flow.

Custom Solutions

Tailored welding services to meet unique project specifications. Custom welding solutions may include refurbishing and upgrading equipment, custom building new items with an MES, manufacturing sheet metal assemblies and components, producing heavy fabrications and more. Custom welding solutions can be an efficient way to repair damage and get your operations back up and running again.

Advanced Techniques

Advanced welding techniques are the implementation of cutting-edge welding methods for optimal results. Technologists have developed several innovative welding techniques and process, such as electronic-beam welding, friction stir welding, explosive welding, laser beam welding, stick welding, magnetic arc, arc welding and ultrasonic welding.


A plant turnaround, in an industrial context, refers to a plant turnaround process of a shutdown and restart of a facility for maintenance, inspection, and upgrades. It's a strategic process aimed at ensuring the efficient and safe operation of industrial plants.

Shutdown Planning

Strategic shutdown planning for the temporary shutdown of industrial facilities is vital for maintenance in plants. Planned shutdowns and maintenance demand a significantly greater level of scheduling compared to routine or weekly maintenance. In essence, a larger proportion of scheduling is needed concerning work planning. This heightened demand stems from the intricate nature of a shutdown schedule, necessitating numerous revisions and meticulous fine-tuning. Learn more about how to effectively manage turnarounds and shutdowns.

Maintenance and Inspection

Comprehensive maintenance and thorough inspection of equipment and structures is to determine which tools, materials and labor is required to keep the equipment in good working condition. Ideally, inspections are scheduled, completed on time, and documented.

Upgrades and Facility Revamps

Implementing improvements and modernization is imperative to enhance overall plant efficiency. Industrial plant upgrades usually require extensive planning, clear coordination, and precise execution. An assessment should be conducted of your equipment, including its lifespan, condition and evaluating various sensors. To avoid unplanned downtime, plan ahead by doing predictive maintenance turnaround planning. Upgrading your equipment could result in better optimization and efficiency.


Interrelation of Specialty Welding & Turnarounds

During turnaround services, specialty welding is often required for repairs, modifications, or upgrades in the 5 phases of a turnaround project. The precision and expertise in specialty welding ensure the longevity and reliability of industrial assets. Conversely, mechanical turnarounds provide the opportunity to assess welding integrity, identify potential issues, and implement necessary improvements.

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