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Maximize Efficiency & Reliability with ParFab Heat Exchanger Services

Maximize Efficiency & Reliability with ParFab Heat Exchanger Services with Equipment

ParFab’s Heat Exchanger Services are designed to reduce downtime and improve the overall efficiency of your facility. Our team provides a solution-oriented approach backed by extensive experience with heat exchangers, heat illness prevention, turnarounds and shutdowns, and process equipment, saving you time and money.

Heat Exchanger Services

ParFab's Heat Exchanger Services offer a comprehensive range of solutions for maintaining, repairing, and optimizing heat exchangers in various industrial applications. These field services are vital for industries such as petrochemical, semiconductor, power generation, capital construction, manufacturing, paper packaging and more. Let's expand on each of these services:

Turnkey Heat Exchanger Services

ParFab provides end-to-end solutions for heat exchangers, handling every aspect from inspection, assessment, and planning and scheduling to execution and testing. This comprehensive approach ensures that clients receive hassle-free services for their heat exchangers, minimizing downtime and operational disruptions

Setting New and Old Equipment in Place

ParFab has the expertise to not only install brand-new heat exchangers but also relocate and set up existing equipment at new locations. Their skilled technicians ensure that the equipment is positioned correctly, aligned accurately, and connected properly to ensure optimal performance.

Bundle Extraction Equipment and Services

Heat exchanger bundles can degrade over time or require maintenance. ParFab's services include specialized heat exchanger equipment and techniques for the extraction, cleaning, and refurbishment of heat exchanger bundles, enabling efficient and cost-effective maintenance.

Code Weld Repairs for Shell & Components

ParFab is well-versed in repairing heat exchanger shells and their components, complying with industry codes and standards. They perform welding repairs that meet the required quality and safety standards, ensuring the continued reliability of the equipment.

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Fin Fans, TLX, WHB, Steam Generators, and Surface Condensers Retubing

ParFab specializes in retubing a wide variety of heat exchangers, including fin fans, thin-lined exchangers (TLX), waste heat boilers (WHB), steam generators, and surface condensers. Retubing is a cost-effective way to extend the life of the equipment and improve its heat transfer efficiency.

Shell and Component Repairs

When the shell or other structural components of a heat exchanger are damaged, ParFab offers repair services to restore them to their original specifications. This includes addressing issues like corrosion, erosion, or physical damage to ensure the equipment's integrity.

Exchanger Component Machining

In cases where heat exchanger components require precision machining, ParFab has the capabilities to machine parts to exacting specifications. This ensures that components fit correctly, leading to improved heat exchanger performance.

Tube and Vacuum Testing

ParFab conducts comprehensive testing, including tube testing and vacuum testing, to ensure the integrity and efficiency of heat exchangers. Tube testing helps identify any leaks or flaws in the heat exchanger tubes, while vacuum testing ensures that the equipment operates with the required vacuum conditions.

Industry Leader in Heat Exchanger Services

ParFab's Heat Exchanger Services are essential for industries that rely on heat exchangers to manage temperature and heat transfer processes. By offering a wide range of services, ParFab helps clients ensure the reliability, safety, and efficiency of their heat exchange equipment, ultimately contributing to smoother operations and reduced operational costs.

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