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Precision in Every Exchange: Explore ParFab's Heat Exchanger Equipment

ParFab's Truck Mount Heat Exchanger Extraction Equipment

ParFab has a versatile fleet of bundle extractors, showcasing our commitment to efficiency and adaptability in handling various tasks. The array of extractors at our disposal is designed to cater to a wide range of requirements, ensuring that we can meet the unique needs of field services diverse projects.

Let's delve into the details of each type of extractor:

  1. Truck Mount Extractors
  2. Self-Propelled Extractors
  3. Aerial Extractors
  4. Combi-Lifters
  5. Services & Specifications

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Truck Mount Extractors

Truck mount extractors are mounted on trucks, providing mobility and flexibility on the job site.Truck mount extractors are well-suited for projects that demand rapid deployment and easy relocation. Their on-road capability allows for efficient transportation between different work sites.

ParFab has two truck mount extractors, the Hydraulic Tube Bundle Extractor & New Truck Mount Extractor - White.

Truck Mount Hydraulic Tube Extractor

ParFab's Truck Mount Extractor Heat Exchanger Equipment

Truck Mount Hydraulic Tube Extractor

ParFab's New White Truck Mount Extractor Heat Exchanger Equipment


Self-Propelled Extractors

Equipped with self-propulsion mechanisms, these extractors offer enhanced maneuverability and independence. They are particularly useful in situations where the terrain may be challenging or where precise positioning is crucial. The self-propelled feature contributes to operational efficiency and reduces the need for additional equipment for relocation.

ParFab's self-propelled extractors include heavy type & normal self-propelled extraction equipment.

Heavy Type Self Propelled

ParFab's Heavy Type Self Propelled Extractor Heat Exchanger Equipment

Self Propelled Extraction Equipment

ParFab's Self Propelled Extractor Heat Exchanger Equipment


Aerial Extractors

ParFab's aerial extractors come in three distinct sizes, catering to the specific height and reach requirements of different projects. The variety in sizes allows for versatility in handling tasks that involve lifting or reaching elevated areas, ensuring that no job is too high or too low for their capabilities. Safety features and advanced controls are likely incorporated to facilitate precise operation when working at varying heights.

ParFab's self-propelled extractors include the Kidd 35T Aerial, Peinemann 20T, 45T Aerial.

Kidd 35T Aerial

ParFab's Kidd35T Aerial Extractor Heat Exchanger Equipment

Peinemann 20T

ParFab's Peinemann 20T Aerial Extractor Heat Exchanger Equipment

45T Aerial

ParFab's 45T Aerial Extractor Heat Exchanger Equipment



Combi-lifters represent a multifunctional category of extractors that can handle a range of tasks. They might combine features such as lifting capabilities, load handling, and transport functions, providing a comprehensive solution for diverse project needs. The versatility of combi-lifters makes them a valuable asset in industries where tasks can vary widely in scope and requirements.

ParFab's combi-lifter include the 53T Combi-Lifter.

53T Combi-Lifter

ParFab's 53T Combi-Lifter Heat Exchanger Equipment


Heat Exchanger Services & Equipment Specifications

ParFab's fleet of bundle extractors reflects a strategic investment in equipment diversity. By offering truck mount extractors for mobility, self-propelled extractors for maneuverability, aerial extractors in different sizes for varied heights, and combi-lifters for multifunctional tasks, ParFab positions itself as a reliable and adaptable partner in industrial, midstream maintenance, field services, turnaround and shutdown projects. This extensive range of extractors underscores their commitment to providing efficient solutions across a spectrum of applications in the industrial sector.

Maximize efficiency and reliability with ParFab Heat Exchanger services. Get more info today!

Download ParFab's Heat Exchanger brochure for equipment specifications