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How can ParFab help with fabrication services?

How can ParFab can help with fabrication services?

ParFab is the go-to for large-scale fabrication projects that would otherwise need to be split up amongst multiple shops. We proudly take on these jobs and guarantee quality results with confidence.

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Confidently Take On Large-Scale Projects

Designed from the ground up by our management team, every inch of our facilities function at the highest capacity, enabling our team to consistently meet delivery dates and maintain competitive prices.

  • 100 Acres
  • 385,000 sq. ft. covered work area
  • 200,000 sq. ft. uncovered work area
  • Shop Lifting Capacity 35 metric tons
  • Yard Lifting Capacity 200 metric tons
  • 14’ x 24’ x 40’ Tall Tower for Vibra-Cast Refractory

Top-Of-The-Line Facility

Strategically situated in the center of the United States, ParFab Industries enjoys direct access to rail, barge, and interstate highways - ensuring that shipments are dispatched quickly and with maximum efficiency.

Exclusively crafted by our management team, this state-of-the-art facility allows us to consistently keep up with customer demands and remain competitive in terms of pricing. Its peak functionality ensures that deadlines are met without fail.

What We Do

Structural Steel

At our state-of-the-art steel shop, expert welders and fitters collaborate with a specialized quality control staff to create vast amounts of steel. By uniting superior skill sets with stringent monitoring, we can manufacture high quantities of steel both economically and quickly.

Our welding processes include GMAW, FCAW, SMAW, SAW, and GTAW throughout our facilities with ASME "S" and "U" stamps, NBIC "R" stamp, CWB W47.1 and other quality certifications.

Emergency Services

When an emergency strikes, like during hurricane season 2023, ParFab is ready to go into action. Our fabrication and field services teams are able to quickly mobilize resources so that our customers can return to full operations with minimal downtime. We offer turnkey construction, specialty welding, fabrication and turnaround services which ensure a safe and timely process for those affected by disaster.

ParFab’s Emergency Services teams are readily available to serve you through our Geismar, Louisiana; Baytown, Texas and Inola, Oklahoma.

ASME Piping

With a highly competent team of ASME Code Qualified Pipe Welders, we specialize in producing restrictive and non-restrictive welds on all metals with an incredibly low repair rate. Our coil & pipe area is undoubtedly the beating heart of our shop.

Our team of talented Tig welders and highly dedicated support staff work tirelessly to create an abundance of high-quality welding projects, including exotic material welding, every day.


Our customers can rest assured that their all of their project needs will be met with our wide selection of industrial coatings. We offer interior linings such as coal tar epoxy and mastics, along with a multitude of exterior options. No matter the application, we have a coating solution to meet your requirements. Our indoor facilities ensure that weather does not hinder our quality or production.


Before any painting commences, each project is sent through our expansive 4,800 sq. ft. blast booth with a full steel shot recovery system that works continuously around the clock, 24 hours a day.


Our Inola, Oklahoma facility is equipped with a 14’x 24’x 40’ tall tower for Vibra-Cast refractory installation with a floor designed for up to a 500,000 lb. load capacity.


Our insulation team is experienced in a multitude of insulation services, such as conventional gunned installation, ceramic fiber and modules installation, brickwork set up, and thermal dry-outs. Not only can we complete the anchor system assembly but also install rigidizer if necessary.

Our knowledgeable team are experts in gunning and casting virtually any shop mix or pre-bagged castable on the market. We provide a comfortable, climate-controlled indoor environment for applying 99% of all our castables. If needed, we are also able to offer thermal dry-out services as well.

ASME Coils

For over two decades, ParFab has created certified ASME coils that abide by all national codes and regulations to provide reliable services for the petrochemical, refining, renewable energy and syngas industries. Our products are carefully built with meticulous attention to detail and thoroughly tested before they reach our customers. Our team is experienced and provides excellent craftsmanship in both restricted and non-restricted welding procedures including exotic alloy materials when necessary for specialty equipment and process equipment needs.

Direct Fired Heaters

Our direct-fired heaters provide the perfect solution for all of your industrial heating needs. Our experienced team understands how important it is to have a reliable system that can handle large amounts of material over long periods of time. ParFab commits to providing you with a well-made, efficient product that will last and keep your operations running smoothly.

Other Fabrication Services

  • Convection Modules
  • HRSG Units
  • Economizers
  • Package Boilers
  • Steam Methane Reformers
  • Refractory Lined Components (FCC)
  • Coil Fabrication
  • Cast-able Refractory

Contact ParFab fabrication and field services

The main objective of our turnaround team is to provide uncompromised safety, quality, and production on every phase of a turnaround project at a competitive price and to the absolute satisfaction of our customers. Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with each of our clients for the continued growth of the company.

ParFab is the worldwide leader in end-to-end fabrication & field services. Contact us today!

Have an emergency shutdown due to natural disasters, like hurricanes, storm winds or other natural disasters? Learn more here.

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